New fabric: Ballistic-320-Nylon

October 29, 2021

Tianyu Textile is glad to announce arrival of a new 100% Ballistic Nylon 320gsm

320gsm | 100% Ballistic Nylon | 2x2 Basket weave

Ballistic-320-Nylon is an innovative fabric made from 100% Nylon. It has high durability and tear stregth, excellent abrasion resistance.This fabric can be used in wide range of products including luggage, backpacks, military wear, motorcycle gear, performance apparel, equipment and accessories as well as footwear.


Ballistic-320-Nylon can be finished, coated or laminated. The ballistic nylon fabric has high anti-abrasive properties, and it can withstand extreme conditions. After coating with polyurethane. This fabric will hold up well against extreme temperatures and outdoor elements. we could also provide high quality, water repellent ballistic nylon fabric for all of your needs.


Try these new fabrics and feel new comfort. Please contact our sales for an inquiry.


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