Soft Shell Fabric
Soft Shell Fabric
Soft Shell Fabric
Soft Shell Fabric

Soft Shell Fabric

3 layer laminated丨100%Polyester丨Knitted

Fabric Description:

Softshell fabric is a 3-layer laminated fabric, the shell fabric is a 4-way stretch fabric, the middle is a TPU layer, and the base fabric is a polar fleece, which is a bit like a sandwich. There are many weaving styles such as plain weave, twill weave, and grid. The scope of use is now not limited to ordinary outdoor sportswear. Many large foreign companies use it as work clothes for employees, outdoor climbing clothes, etc. Tianyu Textile are also committed to the production of Softshell fabric, bonding and coating fleece fabric, welcome to send sample for customization.

Key Features:

  • Available in High-Visibility Color (EN20471 Certified)
  • Soft hand feel and warm keeping
  • Water resistant, Moisture-Permeable
  • Good wear resistant 
  • No Pilling and No Sheding
  • Widely used



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